The proposed project is an AGRO-ENERGY COMPLEX, formed in a high-rise building for the purpose of commercial cultivation of healthy fruit products in the total area of 100 floors (50 hectares), with the footprint of 0,64 hectares.


The complex forms an independent ecosystem combining two focus areas:


1. Cultivation of high quality fruit and medicinal plants or flower products using industrial aeroponic technology developed by “TechAldo”. Growth and development of plants takes place in multi-storey buildings. Grown products are characterized by high yields and beneficial quality.


2. Producing additional electric power with the help of the generating device "ENERGYMODULE" developed by TechAldo for implementing the method of converting kinetic energy in the atmosphere into electric energy.


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More detailed information from the author of the project:


I have dedicated the most of my life to the research, ideas and development of new directions in the wide field of science and progressive technologies. The importance of the implementing my developments lies in the ultimate goals that are aimed at PRESERVING and IMPROVING the health of the planet and the people living on it. Many popular scientists agree with me that it is impossible to hope for a healthy heritage for the future generations on the sick (polluted) planet, but unfortunately, only few of them take real effective measures to improve the health of our planet.

Being fascinated by growing various types of plants for more than 40 years, I am a developer of highly productive technologies for growing plants on the closed ground (in the enclosed premises). The main goal of my research is cultivation of wholesome fruit products to improve human health. The hydroponic technologies and devices (equipment) for implementation of these technologies that I have developed are patented in 17 highly developed countries of the world.

Based on results of researches in the experimental laboratory in the rented underground facility, I can note that the products grown with our technology and artificial lighting with the help of DNT-250 lamps differed from ground or greenhouse products by the absence of harmful substances, the content of nitrates is 15 times less than the Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC), which contributes to excellent taste qualities and healthfulness of vegetable and fruit/berries crops.
The technology we propose is very effective for the growing of medicinal plants on an area of 50 hectares. The production capacity is high enough to meet the demand for medicinal marijuana (MMJ) from all American continent.
The whole world today is a witness of the fact that in the vegetable markets the consumer is eagerly looking for the vegetable products grown in the open ground while trying to avoid the use of high content of nitrate greenhouse vegetables. But what is waiting for the consumers when eating vegetables grown on the open ground? For the sake of being fair, it should be noted that fruits from the open ground usually have lower level of nitrates. Yet, often there are a number of other problems: the fruits often contain pesticides and high concentrations of heavy metals. On the open ground there are often cases of acid rain fall with sulfur and nitrogen oxides resulting from operation of metal and petrochemical plants, energy companies, presence of vehicles’ exhaust gases and industry-related dust.

The scientists from all over the world are engaged in resolving the problem of toxic accumulation of nitrate nitrogen in fruit and vegetable products for many decades. But no radical solution has been found so far.

In my opinion if we do not point out to the farmers to grow PRODUCTS BENEFICIAL FOR PEOPLE this problem can take decades or even fall into the category of "life-lasting problems".

In today’s life according to the results of chemical analysis of the content of toxic elements and other harmful substances it is PROBLEMATIC to find a pollution-free and beneficial fruit. Also, it is problematic to give an unambiguous answer whether "more beneficial" are vegetables that have been grown in the greenhouse or in the ground? This question is of a concern to many consumers who understand that it is impossible to stay healthy while using an unhealthy vegetable product! It is also impossible to disagree with the conclusions of toxicologists, hygienists and nutritionists that the use of contaminated vegetable products is one of the main causes of consumers liver damage, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases.


 Technologies of cultivation of products beneficial for the human being


The method of fruit growing technologies perfection is a combination of rather complex and high-cost systems that must ensure not only the development of plants, but also create conditions for cultivation of healthy, pollution-free products on which human health depends.

It is indisputable that the AEROPONIC TECHNOLOGY of substrate-free cultivation of plants, which was discovered in 1911 by the Russian botanist V.M. Artsikhovsky pertains to these high-tech systems. This technology is rather complicated to develop with material-intensive, incomparably more expensive than today's imperfect drip irrigation system with the growth of plants in plastic bags or sleeves. So, no one from industrial agrarians is in a hurry to develop Aeroponic Technologies, and nobody sets a concrete task for them to grow products EXCEPTIONALLY BENEFICIAL for human beings.

Aeroponic technologies were introduced into the experimental laboratories of the US space agency NASA at the end of the last century. If they would wait for scientists to resolve the problem of toxic accumulation of nitrate nitrogen, then the development of the agency in this direction would not have moved forward to this day. But NASA had a specific and urgent task: to create technologies for cultivating beneficial quality food products of plant origins for the astronauts. NASA scientists are clearly aware that this kind of quality is the only source of natural vitamins in the condition of a long stay in space. Without these kind of products normal process of metabolism in the human body is impossible. Close attention to the health of astronauts was a paramount task. So, NASA independently and quite successfully coped with this task by mastering the cultivation of plant vitamin products in the absence of natural light.


It was possible to bring the spectrum of radiation to the solar spectrum as close as possible by using daylight fluorescent lamps, and later LED light fixtures for plant growth and development. As a result, the most thorough analyzes of grown products in NASA laboratories have confirmed the presence of vitamins, many useful substances and the ecological purity of the product. Astronauts at the International Space Station since 2014 are growing and eating lettuce in a portable aeroponic greenhouse "Veggie".


Aeroponics is a technology where the injection of a nutrient mixture in the form of aerosol contains quite sufficient portion of atmospheric oxygen to ensure root system aeration, activation of metabolism and other vital processes in plant development. The nutrient solution enriched with oxygen creates unacceptable conditions for the growth and livelihood of various parasites. Nowdays due to the absence of mechanisms of feeding the root system with the airial oxygen, practically all known greenhouse cultivation technologies create conditions aiding development of pathological processes, which are quite difficult to get rid of. Even disinfection of the nutrient solution by filtration and ultraviolet irradiation in improved hydroponic technologies does not yield satisfactory results. And, the use of chemical methods of disinfection of nutrient systems and solutions, harm not only the parasites, but also the root system of the plant, reducing the immunity of plants and the quality indicators of fruit products.


Based on the results of many years of research and experiments I have a reason to state: Aeroponic technology is the only technology in the world that can create exceptional conditions that activate the mechanisms of the immune system of plants.

In accordance with the norms of ecological purity and taste characteristics, the products grown in aeroponic or aquaponic technologies are of higher quality than products grown in other known technologies.

Having dedicated many decades to the issues of growing beneficial quality products for human beings (the stages of development are described in "History of Development" section) I have developed unique aeroponic technology for the industrial food products cultivation of plant origin. And container aeroponic equipment for this technology implementation in closed ground (closed premises) was also developed. But high costs of lighting, heating and air exchange delayed the introduction of this technology in closed ground (enclosed premises). The part of energy inputs in the cost of production is about 80%. It took a lot of time to find technical solutions based on renewable energy sources that are able to recover most of the energy costs while operating this unique technology.


Traditional greenhouse production facilities will be left in the past 


Based on my sufficient experience in the field of agrotechnical and technological development of industrial greenhouse farms of domestic and foreign vegetable growing under the conditions of a continuous rise in energy prices and a shortage of land resources, I have a reason to state that in the near future traditional industrial production facilities will be a mere past. They will not be able continue their existence due to constant increase in the energy deficit. In their stead the development and introduction for growing plants called FARMS-SKYSCRAPERS already on the way. Their aim is to cultivate salad products of beneficial quality while saving land and heat resources. Salad and berry products grown in vertical enclosed farms differ from products grown by traditional technologies by higher health utility and taste qualities. These quality indicators are achieved due to the absence of pesticides, heavy metals, excessive fertilizer rates, various soils contaminants (substrates) and surface air.

The replacement of traditional industrial greenhouses with greenhouses-skyscrapers using the example of innovative project «HEALTH FARM - GREEN SKYSCRAPER» is a new direction born by the prospects of world urban development and irrefutable arguments:

1. World Urbanization Prospects 
According to well-reasoned United Nations forecasts, by 2050 68% of the world's population will live in urban areas. The scarcity of rural labor force will surely affect the provision of the world’s urban population with horticultural products and can create nutrition problems for millions of townspeople! The only way to resolve this problem is independent cultivation of plant products by the inhabitants of megacities, which we developed, offering this project.
The project provides for the cultivation of any plant food products, except for cereals and mushrooms.


2. Greenhouses are soils and groundwater pollutants


Greenhouses have always been polluters of soil, groundwater and ponds. To date, only a small part of all industrial greenhouses in the world, including the fifth generation greenhouses capable of return of surplus fertilizers for reuse, ensuring complete isolation of fertilizers from the ground.  Most of the greenhouses on the area of tens and hundreds of thousands of hectares continue to discharge excess liquid fertilizers into the ground, contaminating soil and groundwater. In the project proposed it is EXCLUDED!


3. Unjustified usage of huge land areas


For example: to build 50 hectares’ greenhouse production facility according to existing standards the land area should be 2.5 times larger i.e. 125 hectares. In the proposed project, as already mentioned, for a 50-hectare greenhouse production facility in a building of a skyscraper you will need a land area of 0.64 hectares.

Are the proportions of these areas comparable in the period of increasing land shortage in countries with a high population density and a constant increase of land prices?

The proposed project will save the land area by almost 200 times, leaving hundreds and thousands of land hectares for the development of more important objects of agro-industrial sector.


4. Wasteful consumption of heat and energy resources


By heating large areas of greenhouses in a cold period of time almost 80% of the heat leaves through a glass coating of 4 mm. for heating up the air around the greenhouses. That quantity would be enough to heat many people’s settlements. In fact, huge amounts of depleted natural recourses such as oil, gas or coal burned to produce heat and released into the atmosphere for the AIR HEATING! Can this be called a reasonable expenditure of natural non-renewable resources???  In cases of using the replacement of glass in the greenhouses for modern heat-saving polycarbonate coatings or 7-layered film an expensive and short-term replacement. This reduces the flow of light to the plants every year. As a consequence, it’s necessary to compensate the missing light with additional lighting, which involves additional costs for electricity. It should also be noted that under these covers the bees, bumblebees and entomophages (predator insects that feed on insect pests) do not work under these covers. This affects the decrease of the yields and results in the use of chemical methods of pest control, which negatively affect the health of the consumers.


5. The content of harmful substances in greenhouse products


The issue of toxic accumulation of nitrate nitrogen, pesticides, heavy metals in vegetable products is one of the most acute problems that are very harmful for the human health. A manufacturer of the greenhouse products found himself in harsh conditions of economic crisis reflected by a constant rise in prices for heat and energy. Therefore, many greenhouse farms are forced to save on energy, which adversely affects the quality of the vegetable products, and in particular:

5.1. During short daylight hours, and in order to save electricity they do not supply the norm of missing light to the plant or it is completely deprived of its additional illumination, which contributes to exceeding the maximum permissible standards of nitrates in vegetables.

5.2. The fruits are harvested prior to their technical ripeness in pursuit of the shaft, which leads to the loss of taste characteristics and contributes to exceeding the maximum permissible standards of nitrates in vegetables.

5.3. Agronomists overstate the nitrogen fertilizers norms in pursuit of the shaft, so the undeveloped nitrogen passes into fruit in the form of NITRATES. The content of it exceeds the maximum permissible standards, which adversely affects the health of the consumers.


I am deeply convinced while there will be a financial dependence of the agrarians on saving energy resources in the energy-intensive process of growing greenhouse products the agrarians will reduce costs in expense of the quality and beneficial characteristics of the products! Therefore, I had a difficult task to liquidate this financial dependence as one of the main problems in the way of providing consumers with plant products of the beneficial qualities.


The uniqueness, novelty and

usefulness of the proposed project (abridged version)


In the proposed project, all the above unfavorable factors of the technological process of growing plants, including uneconomic and wasteful attitude to exhaustible natural energy resources are EXCLUDED!

The proposed innovative project is a completely new approach to the cultivation of healthy food products of vegetable origin.


These conditions are as follows:


1. Ensuring quality air and root nutrition of plants.


The proposed industrial technology of aeroponic plant cultivation, provides a high-precision balance of nutrition elements in the aerosol mixture, which is fed to the plant in a given mode. The composition of the mixture is provided by highly reliable solution units, the composition of the mixture is controlled automatically and displayed electronically in the form of graphs and diagrams. Therefore, overstating or understating the components of the food in the aerosol mixture is practically EXCLUDED!


For the purpose of plants breathing and developing in the proposed project cleaner air is taken at the altitude of more than 500 meters - without urban smog and without the content of the vehicles exhaust. At the same time, the contact of plants with acid and radiation precipitation, technogenic dust and pathogenic bacteria is excluded.

The ideal conditions for growing pollutant-free fruit and berry products are at the “height of the mountains”. Under conditions when plants are grown today in the open soil or in the greenhouses this is practically IMPOSSIBLE!

To ensure a better aeration of the root system, an increased level of oxygen in the aerosol feed mix is technologically provided. Providing the root system with air oxygen, is the air nutrition, which along with the root nutrition, significantly affects the elasticity of the fruit pulp, the increased content of solids, sugar content and high taste qualities of the grown products.

The proposed technology provides for the introduction of other know-how to improve the respiratory function of plant systems, which have not been applied anywhere in the world practice of growing greenhouse crops!


2. Providing high reliability in the implementation of the plants growing technological process.


Correct operation of all technological systems and power supply systems, including the operation of the ENERGY MODULE is constantly and reliably automatically controlled. In the event of unforeseen emergency situations in the systems operation or software malfunction, an alert is provided in the form of a siren alternating with a voice message about the alleged cause of system failure or a failed mechanism. If within 10 minutes the emergency situation is not eliminated, then additional notifications to responsible specialists are sent via SMS-transfer to their personal phones. In the event that the emergency situation is not eliminated within the next 15 minutes, emergency SMS transmissions are sent to the top managers and founders of the GREENHOUSE SKYSCRAPER project.

Such strict measures to alert the emergency situation are not accidental, since an unforeseen situation, or the human factor, or simply the negligence of the responsible employee, can lead to the death of the crop, which in the area of 50 hectares can cause losses amounting to millions of dollars. In order to prevent such a situation, all important technological units, pumping and compressor systems, uninterruptible power supplies, including computer software, electronic units, nodes and mechanisms of the ENERGY MODULE are stored in several copies in the spare parts stores with the possibility of instant replacement or reconnection instead of failed units.


3. Visual control of the nitrates level in fruit products by the buyer. Unique features of the project.


The proposed project provides for actual control by buyers over the level of nitrates in purchased products, which is carried out as follows.

In the trading hall of the GREENHOUSE SKYSCRAPER there is the electronic scoreboard with information-running line. This shows the product name and actual content of nitrates in the product at the time of the purchase. Also, there are mini-chemical laboratories in the trading hall where the customer is given the opportunity to check the level of nitrates in the products. This performed with the help of an automated robot arm with available printout of the content of nitrate level in the products, relative to acceptable standards.

This service makes the project unique because this service not provided when selling fruit products at any international agricultural fairs, in ECO-supermarkets in any country of the world for obvious reasons. As a supporter of eating healthy foods, I firmly believe that a person should know the level of nitrates contained in each product they use - not from the information of beautifully designed certificates, but in reality! At any exhibition, representatives of their products present the certificates of quality unanimously declaring that their products are of high quality! Although many of them do not even know that ecologically-read plant products are considered fruits with content of nitrates and other harmful substances no more than 30% of the Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC)!

In the technology we offer, the content of harmful substances stipulated up to 10% of the MAC regulations. This is in fact below the level of the limit for dietary and baby food, which is a unique feature of the technology we offer!

The next unique feature in the technology of growing of this proposed project is the design and features of the developed aeroponic equipment for growing plants called planting container. The vital force of the aeroponic method in the basis of unique equipment makes it possible to reveal the genetic predisposition inherent in nature. This never been practiced by the technologists and agronomists of traditional greenhouse farms, both in domestic and in foreign vegetable farming. The planting container is designed with the possibility of tomato unlimited growth and development taking into account long-term fruit bearing. It means that, once planted, tomato bush will bear fruits for several years, ensuring a stable harvest of high quality. This distinguishes the proposed technology from all previously known technologies in the world of growing. It is worth noting the uniqueness of this method by the following feature: at any stage of long-term continuous fruiting, either 3 or 5 years, the length of the stalk of an indeterminate tomato breed does not exceed 6-7 meters.


4. The use of effective sources of light imitating the sun


The ability to install combined light sources with different spectrum and power. This effect in the process of plant development plays a key role of imitating the sunrise, bright day light and sunset. It makes it possible to bring light as close as possible to solar radiation. Due to the light spectrum and its intensity, the fruits habit and their taste qualities improve. In this respect, regulated photosynthesis inside closed rooms free from daylight is often more effective than under the open sky, excluding burns of fruits and leaves obtained from the intensive solar radiation.


5. Climate control, water saving, yield, payback of the project


The project is set with full time temperature control maintenance on each floor individually depending on the cultivated crop. For example, for tomato the daytime temperature is maintained from 25 to 28°C (77-82°F), and the nighttime from 20 to 24°C (68-75°F).

Also, the level of carbon dioxide in the air is automatically provided, which is the source of carbon for the process of photosynthesis in the way of increasing the yield.

It is also worth noting that the water consumption in this project is more than 10 times less, relative to growing vegetables in greenhouses on the soil.

The estimated crop yield of the proposed project for growing tomatoes on all 100 floors of the building (50 hectares) after the first year of operation will ensure a daily harvest of 80-100 tons, and in the 3rd to 4th year of operation 120-150 tons of fruits in the stage of biological ripeness.

The payback period of the proposed project is 4 years from the first harvest of fruit and vegetable products.

The proposed project is the world's first project to grow plant products in multi-storied buildings, with the exception of salad lines, which already been successfully introduced in many countries around the world. The proposed aeroponic container cultivation technology designed to grow any type of fruit plant from watermelon, the family of nightshade, to peach, avocado and alike. The type of plant selected depends on the volume of the planting container.


Vertical farms is a new successfully developing industry in the global agricultural industry, and it is the future! This is world's first AGROENERGY COMPLEX in a high-rise building it's location does not depend on the climatic zone of the Earth.







The high-rise building differs from all others in the load-bearing supporting structures (columns). They are characterized by thick-walled all-welded pipes made of high-strength titanium alloy of the Ti-Al-Zr-Mo-V system with a diameter of 1000 to 2500 mm. The pipes in this project are used not only as elements that perform the function of load-bearing columns of a building, but also fulfill important role for the technological process of growing plants. Importance of the value of pipes, as bearing columns, is a positive solution in the load-bearing power structures of the building, with which the designers agree. In construction of the high-rise plant skyscrapers these innovations will be introduced for the first time. And they are one of the many objects of know-hows of this project.

The building height is 530m, 122 floors, where 100 floors (with a planting area of ​​50 hectares) are plant crops. The remaining 20 floors are the technical ones that include: ENERGYMODULE, a fertilizer warehouse, rooms with water and compressed air storage tanks, air conditioning and air exchange, central control system, fertigation and irrigation unit, chemical and analytical laboratory, administrative and domestic premises, sorting hall, finished goods warehouse, as well as a trading hall for selling eco products, occupying the height of the first 2 floors – Eco supermarket.

The project provides an alternative source of electric power, ENERGYMODULE, which is designed to generate electricity. Starting at the height of 100 meters and higher the use of motion of the air masses at the rate necessary is the conversion of kinetic energy in the atmosphere into electric energy. Most of the energy consumption compensated for the production. At the same time, with the wind speed of 13-15 m/sec, most of the energy costs are covered. And at the wind speed of more than 18 m/sec - excess electricity is dispatched given to the city electric grid.

Special vibration isolation and electromagnetic cushions completely absorb the vibration energy in case of its occurrence. They are installed between the wind generators and the support structure of the ENERGYMODULE as well as between the ENERGYMODULE and the building structure.


Looking into the future and based upon the developed technologies of the project I can state with the confidence: the proposed project can be realized not only on Earth, but also on any of the planets of the Universe with the condition of availability and movement of air masses, the presence of water, magnetism and optimal life of all living beings - radiation.


I have no doubt that the proposed project is a significant technological breakthrough that can determine the future of Mankind!


We are looking for an Investor who is not indifferent to the increase of diseases associated with the use of food, which is dangerous for human health!


We are looking for an Investor who is not indifferent to the life of today's and future generations on the planet Earth!


The author of the project and initiator, Anatoly Aldokimov.

For more information about the author of the project click HERE.


Автор проекта, Анатолий Алдокимов




We also would like to inform you that, as an exception, upon the order of the client or in accordance with the terms of the investor, we can implement the greenhouse technologies developed by us in any country in the world.

For countries with hot climate greenhouses are designed to be of the trench type with an area of at least 0,5 hectares. For this, the customer must additionally make a special study of the soil at a depth of 5 meters and other studies set forth in the pre-contractual obligations of the parties.

If this project did not leave you indifferent, we will be glad to see you as an investor or a philanthropist. Also, we will be very grateful to you for the financial help provided for the further development of our project.

Although we would like to let you know that we do not work with intermediary companies. Neither we do not perform any consultations for intermediaries nor do we accept financial assistance from them! 

For further acquaintance with the conditions of cooperation, please, contact us, e-mail: WRITE A LETTER

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